Website-based Reporting of Inspection Results

Pancam provides a website-based reporting interface to notify maintenance managers of pantographs potentially requiring attention. Pancam also provides e-mail and SMS notification options.

Pancam RDC monitoring interface shows recent damaged and worn results.

Pancam reports all inspection results to a network database. The original inspection images and results images are stored to a file server. A World-Wide-Web (WWW) interface is provided that monitors the database, displaying the recent damaged and worn inspection results. QR National's Rollingstock Defect Coordinators use the Website interface to view the inspection images and dispatch e-mail to request maintenance on specific locomotives.

Pancam's database provides a visual history of each locomotive pantograph.

During a trial period, Pancam detected 192 examples of worn carbon blocks and 121 examples of damaged carbon blocks in the analysis of 1667 side view images of pantographs. Approximately 90% of these results were found to be significant, resulting in maintenance actions.

As a complementary notification mechanism, Pancam can send e-mail notifications containing the inspection images, and brief SMS notifications of damaged and worn pantographs.

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