Results of Araucaria Timber Colour Matching

The Araucaria colour matching system is capable of recognising and measuring key features of Araucaria timber including colour, contrast, knots, heartwood stain and kiln stain.

Detection of knots in Araucaria timber.

The machine vision system developed in this project is capable of distinguishing between high-contrast images and more uniform samples. It can also discern subtle colour differences to classify Araucaria shook into at least ten colour grades.

The system has the capability to identify knots, as well as differentiate between heartwood and kiln stains. In the examples shown, knots are outlined in yellow, heartwood stain in purple, and kiln stain in green. The bright blue areas in the analysed knot images indicate that the background surface can be seen through a knot hole.

Areas identified as heartwood stain.

Dark streaks identified as kiln stain.

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