Biscuit Bake Colour Inspection

A machine vision system for baked goods provides objective colour quality measurements. The system has been deployed Australia wide, resulting in improved consistency of product quality and a reduction in consumer queries.

Biscuits emerging from an oven

Consumers buying a packet of biscuits expect consistent quality of size, shape, colour, texture and flavour.

In the past, the baking industry has relied upon subjective assessments of quality using trained individuals, with baking time and oven temperature settings as production guides. The current industry trend is to employ objective instruments, such as machine vision systems, to provide feedback on quality parameters.

Biscuit Quality Inspection System Deployed Australia-Wide

A machine vision system for biscuit quality inspection has recently been developed by the CRC for International Food Manufacture and Packaging Science. The collaborative research and development project was conducted by Hamey Vision Systems in cooperation with Access Macquarie Ltd. Industrial partner Arnott's Biscuits Ltd. has deployed the biscuit quality inspection system in all their plants Australia-wide. It is used to define and assess quality parameters for more than 100 products and has resulted in improved product quality consistency and reduced consumer queries.

Different bake colours

Innovative Machine Vision System

Several novel technologies are incorporated into the inspection system. Colour calibration provides colour measurement accurate to better than 0.5%. Image processing algorithms identify the biscuits within the image and provide data for artificial neural networks to assess the bake quality. The combination of these technologies provides a machine vision system for bake quality assessment that is demonstrably precise.

Ease of Use

The system is easy for baking staff to use. The quality parameters are set by selecting samples and imaging them with the inspection system. No image analysis expertise is required to operate the machine vision system. A simple user interface minimises training requirements. These design decisions have assisted in the high level of acceptance of the bake quality inspection system.

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