Products - Machine Vision Inspection Systems

Machine vision systems developed by Hamey Vision Systems include locomotive pantograph inspection, biscuit colour inspection and timber colour matching.

Locomotive Pantograph Inspection

Pancam inspects the pantographs of electric locomotives in normal service, providing timely maintenance alerts.

Pancam is an automated machine vision system for trackside inspection of locomotive pantographs. Pancam inspects locomotives in normal service as they pass an inspection point. Pantographs that may require maintenance are reported through a Website-based database interface. The benefits of Pancam include improved rail service, reduced repair costs and improved pantograph maintenance. More...

Biscuit Colour Inspection

A machine vision system inspects the bake colour of biscuits.

Consumers of baked goods expect consistent bake parameters. A machine vision system inspects the colour of biscuits, providing accurate and consistent colour measurements. The system has been deployed Australia-wide, resulting in improved product quality and reduced consumer queries. More...

Timber Colour Matching

A colour machine vision system has been developed for matching timber colours.

Timber colour is affected by features including knots, heartwood stain and kiln stain. A timber colour matching system has been developed using colour machine vision technology. The system recognises and measures the colour features of dressed Araucaria (Hoop Pine) timber. More...

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