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Australian and International awards have recognised the development of PanCam, an inspection system for locomotive pantographs.

PanCam is a locomotive pantograph inspection system developed by Hamey Vision Systems and Aurizon in association with Access Macquarie Ltd. Hamey Vision Systems was awarded the highly commended trophy of the 2008 PACE Zenith Awards, in the category "Power, Transport and Infrastructure" for the development of PanCam. Additionally, PanCam was selected as a winning "Solutions of the Year 2008" by Advanced Imaging Magazine, and was a finalist in the DuPont Australia and New Zealand Innovation Awards, 2008.

PanCam inspects the pantographs of electric locomotives, detecting worn and damaged pantographs and providing timely maintenance alerts. PanCam reduces wear and damage to the overhead wiring and increases rail network efficiency and productivity.

The annual PACE Zenith Awards recognise companies that show leadership in engineering and technological excellence and innovation in a range of industries. We were pleased to receive the Highly Commended trophy in the category "Power, Transport and Infrastructure".

The biennial DuPont Australia and New Zealand Innovation Awards recognise advances in industry, science, agriculture and the environment. Hamey Vision Systems was pleased to be a finalist in these prestigious awards.

Advanced Imaging's annual Imaging Solutions of the Year awards recognise outstanding imaging solutions based on the challenge, the solution, and most importantly the difference the solution has made for the end user. We are pleased to be one of the 2008 solutions of the year.

More: PanCam: Inspection of Locomotive Pantographs.

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