Araucaria Timber Colour Matching

Araucaria is known as a blond timber, but colour variations are common. A machine vision system has been developed for colour matching and for recognising features such as knots and stains.

Dressed Araucaria timber

Araucaria (Hoop Pine) has a reputation as a blond timber with uniform colour. However, colour variations, knots and staining are common. These visual features may be significant for timber applications where colour matching is desirable.

Research into Araucaria colour matching has developed a machine vision system for assessing four of the most significant features of Araucaria: the base timber colour, knots, heartwood stain and kiln stain. These visual features are measured by a machine vision system that uses digital images of dressed timber. This new technology may be used to colour match shook and to provide information for the control of production processes.

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Information on these pages is abstracted from a report prepared by Timber Queensland and Hamey Vision Systems for the Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Corporation (now Forest and Wood Products Australia) project PN01.1901: Araucaria Sector Research -- 3-year Program: Araucaria Colour Matching. The Araucaria colour-matching research was conducted by Hamey Vision Systems Pty Ltd, Access Macquarie Ltd, Timber Queensland Ltd, and Queensland Government Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries with the generous support of Hyne & Son Pty Ltd, Muller Sawmills Pty Ltd and Finlayson Timber and Hardware Pty Ltd.

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